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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Program

How can I get into a drug and alcohol treatment program if I have no money? I really need help but, I won't make it being on a waiting list.


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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention Drug Rehab Referral

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Is there an alcohol abuse treatment place I can go to for help in my area? My family is afraid of me and I'm starting to be afraid of myself.

Cure For Meth Addiction

Is there a cure for meth addiction? I need help and so do my friends. I'm tired of being a slave to this crap.

Meth Addicts

I keep seeing meth addicts all over in our small town these days. How can I help these people get clean? They are scary almost like walking skeletons.

Narcotics Addiction

How can I tell if my husband has a narcotics addiction? His behavior lately is very strange and I have found several withdrawal slips from the bank for large amounts of money that he can't explain.

Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

I'm looking for treatment for alcohol addiction for my dad. He is 56 years old and I'm afraid since he retired early he'll just drink himself to death. What can I do to help him get sober?

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